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Écossaise in G Major - Beethoven

Hi friends!

In today's video, I'm digging into the level 2 List A piece by Beethoven - 'Écossaise in G Major WoO 23'. This student favourite can be found in the 2015 Celebrate Series RCM books as well as the upcoming 2022 edition.

Tips For Practice

1. Start by learning the G Major scale. This will familiarize you with the key signature.

2. Discover the form: Ternary form means that there are 3 independent sections.

  • Section A begins at the start and ends at the repeat sign in measure 8.

  • Section B begins with the upbeat at measure 9 and ends in measure 16.

  • Section A returns with the D.C. al Fine.

IMPORTANT - For the exam, do not play the repeat signs in measure 8 and 16, but make sure to play the D.C. al Fine.

3. Block your LH. Use colours to analyze the different harmonies if you are a visual learner. Beethoven uses a simple tonic - dominant 7th harmony throughout.

4. Isolate each hand and perfect the articulation before beginning hands together practice.

Have fun with your learning! This piece is filled with energy and is a joy to listen to and play!




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