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Etude in C Major op. 261 no. 81 - Czerny

Czerny is a favourite among teachers for his short and simple pieces that target specific challenges. Today's video has Josh diving into Czerny's Etude in C Major op. 261 no. 81. This etude sounds magical and impressive. It's built on a simple chord pattern with hands crossing over each other. It sounds like one hand is playing most of the way through, but in fact you'll be using both!

You'll find this one in the 2015 edition of the RCM level 3 Etude books. While it isn't in the 2022 edition, it's still an excellent piece for beginning arpeggios, coordination between hands, phrasing and learning how to crossover hand-over-hand.

Follow Josh as he offers some tips on how to tackle this etude.



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