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Gigue a l'Angloise - Telemann

Telemann was a German Baroque composer. True to the time period and style, this binary piece is filled with exciting potential to explore dynamic range and articulation. One of my favourite things about diving into the Baroque pieces, is testing out some different articulation combinations with students and allowing them to have some input into their preference. Give them ownership and allow their creative side to shine!

You'll find this one in the 2015 edition of the RCM level 3 repertoire books. While it isn't in the 2022 edition books, it is still in the syllabus and can be played for your exam or just for fun! If you've chosen to play this for your List A exam piece, remember you don't need to play the repeats for your performance. Explore this piece with Josh to identify the form, the chord structure throughout and more little nuggets to help you succeed!


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