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Set-Up for Online Lessons & Exams

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We've covered in a previous post some tools & recommendations for making online lessons successful. In today's post, I'd like to give some specifics for setting up your instrument and camera and offer some product recommendations.

  1. First and most important - you need an instrument at home and you need a device that has a decent microphone/camera/connection.

  2. We need to be able to see you! The ideal angle should be directed at the student and instrument.

  • For those of you on an instrument that is portable (guitar, violin, vocal), sit in front of the device or angled slightly to the side so you can comfortably see your music and your teacher can clearly see you.

  • Piano students: your set up is a bit trickier. A tablet or phone stand can give you the most optimal view and give you the ability to easily move it around.

    • Most important thing is that:

      1. We see you 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

      2. We see your piano 🎹

      3. We see your feet 👣

This will help your teacher check in on your posture and your pedal technique. Remember - we're not just teaching you what to play but also HOW to play.

If you are on a laptop or do not have a stand, we have some tricks for you!

  • Grab a chair or table and place the device on it. If the angle is too low, add some books underneath it to bring it up.

  • If you are using a tablet or phone and cannot get it to stand up, grab two cans of soup from your cupboard.

Ideally, we're looking for this angle - especially for exams!

Here are two types of stands I've gotten a lot of use out of. A shorter stand that works best with phones and a floor stand that can work with phones and tablets. This one is especially a favourite for me so I can quickly whip the device around and show different angles including my hands on the keyboard. No need for multiple cameras with this one!

I hope you found this helpful. Remember your teachers will guide you and make recommendations during your lessons. With the right tools, online lessons function extremely well so reach out if you need help with your set up!

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