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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to our little creative space here on the inter-web. I'm Kristin, Synergy's Music Director. I just want to start by saying how much we miss you all in the studio, and how grateful we are to still see so many online! It's definitely a challenging time, and being able to see the students' smiles, their growth on their instruments, through their artistic skills and their impressive dance moves has been a highlight. I'm currently teaching piano online. While I miss the interaction in person, I'm finding myself amazed at how well students are progressing even from a distance. Sight-reading is stronger than ever, problem-solving skills are strengthening & their overall interest in practicing has gone up. I'm even seeing them writing their own pieces (excited to share those here soon).

These kids are champions.


We have been planning so many wonderful things for you during this downtime. Starting with this! The Synergy Method started out as a beginner piano book written by our owner, Sonia Isidro, her daughter Kristy and myself. From there, it has grown into multiple books for piano, theory, ear training & guitar written and edited by so many of our talented staff. We are currently expanding that into online content and resources for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. We will be launching many of them here. So stay tuned!


We have recently launched a downloads section on our website. Take a minute to look around. These resources are all currently free and will continuously be updated and expanded.

Come say hi in the comments! I'm looking forward to seeing what our teachers in all departments share, and interacting with you all as you continue to grow and love your art.

Stay well!



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