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Violin Lessons

SYNERGY's violin and string program is specially tailored for each individual student. We have multiple Brampton music studios that offer in-person violin lessons as well as online violin, cello and viola lessons that can be taken from anywhere in the world!

Music lessons are available for ages 4+.

'For the Love of It!' means that our goal is to instil and foster a passion for the violin. Our string teachers focus on your goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them.

Violin Lesson Curriculum

violin student



Many SYNERGY violin teachers preferred curriculum for beginners is the Suzuki series. This series guides children through age appropriate pieces and technique, while emphasizing the development of a strong musical ear. An important ingredient for any musician.

violin student

Prep - ARCT


SYNERGY violin teachers are all highly experienced in teaching the RCM curriculum and preparing for exams. Technique, ear training and sight-reading are all included in the violin lesson. Group theory lessons are available conveniently before or after the practical lesson or online to get started on the co-requisite theory requirements early.

student playing violin

Strictly Strings


Another favourite method is the Strictly Strings. This series takes beginner students through the foundational techniques and tools to succeed. String students learn to confidently read and understand sheet music while also focusing on proper posture and performance etiquette. Learning to properly tune their instrument and developing a strong and confident ear.

Pencil and notepad



Our violin and string program is one of few in the GTA that includes your theory class back to back with your violin lesson. Join us in the studio or online for an additional 30 minutes for as low as $10! 

Why study theory? Not only is this a compulsory required in the RCM curriculum starting in level 5, it supports your learning and understanding of the music you're playing. We break the music down to help you read notes, rhythm & identify harmony with confidence. 

Join Now


Our private violin lessons are available Mon-Fri and Saturdays. Beginner to advance level teachers tailor the lesson to each individual piano student. 

✓ 30 minute lessons

✓ 45 minute lessons

✓ 60 minute lessons

Choose the length that works for your goals and budget. 

Cutout Stars


Our violin teachers are highly experienced in preparing students of all levels for RCM violin and string exams.  College/university grads provide you with a quality education. You will be supported from the first lesson through to the completion of your exam.

Our lessons include:

✓ Repertoire

✓ Etudes & Technique

✓ Ear-Training

✓ Sight-Reading

✓ Mock Exams

✓ Theory

High school students can earn credits towards their diploma. Ask us how!

Best Choice


This is our most popular program and is teacher recommended. Your lessons will include a 30 minute private violin lesson and a 30 minute group theory lesson offered back-to-back. Get started early on theory co-requisites and see progress faster with the support of written music theory.  



If you're looking to learn the violin 'just-for-fun' and prefer a program without exams or recitals, our violin teachers can work with you to develop a program that will work towards your specific goals. Whether you're looking to study specific classical pieces, jazz & improv, composition or more - we have teachers available with a variety of experience.

Hot Price

If you're a middle schooler in Brampton or Peel and thinking about where to go to high school, think about joining a Regional Arts Program. RAP auditions take place during grade 8, so students should begin preparing for these auditions as soon as possible. We can guide you through the requirements and help you master your audition.



Are you auditioning to a specific program or college and looking for support? We can provide you with an audition package of a set number of lessons in order to help you prepare. Students should begin preparation for these auditions as soon as possible. We can guide you through the requirements and help you master your audition.

Available String Programs


Online Music Lesson


Enjoy the convenience of studying the violin online.

Our teachers use platforms like Musicology, Zoom & Skype to provide you with quality education from the comfort of your own home. Interested in seeing if this is right for you? Ask us about our trial offer. 


What do you need to sign up?



Each student will need an appropriately sized and functioning violin. For recommendations, please contact us



a computer or tablet is recommended, but a phone can also work! Use the device with the best microphone and best connection.


a strong internet connection is needed for successful lessons to avoid minimal lag and buffering. Test your internet and make sure your instrument is close by your modem or wired in.

Recitals & Festivals

Performance is a regular part of the SYNERGY method. Violin and string students are strongly encouraged to participate in regular exams, recitals and festivals in-studio and in the Brampton and Peel communities. 



This adjudicated festival is open to music students of all ages and abilities in the Brampton and surrounding communities. Students perform for a live audience while receiving a written report with helpful feedback and a participation trophy! Performers have the opportunity to be invited to our Festival of Stars event for additional trophies and scholarships.


Festival of Stars

From SynergyFest, outstanding students will be invited to perform at this scholarship event. Synergy Academy and Synergy Arts Society are proud to have offered scholarships to students valuing at more than $100,000. We are excited to celebrate and encourage the success of all our students and to continue promoting the fine arts in the Brampton and Peel community. 


Synergy Showcase

Open to all students. 

This event is an opportunity for students to show their continued success in a low pressure atmosphere. Family & friends are invited and encouraged to share in this evening. All students will receive participation awards for their hard work and achievement.

The SYNERGY Method


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